customized yoga programs that encourage camaraderie


Classes at work can be a great way to start the day or unwind the busy mind and tense body. 

Yoga classes at work..

  • cover all levels to meet employees needs.
  • are one hour long.
  • are offered once or twice per week. 
  • require a minimum amount of props.
  • range in size depending on the space available.

Silvie advised companies on offering the corporate classes that suite their work culture and has a proven track record of recruiting, hiring, and managing fitness and yoga instructors. She hired instructors for Schools of Sacred Heart, MacCorkle Insurance, Idea Couture, Fan Fares Inc., nestGSV, Crunch Fitness. She learned about employer and employee's perspective on corporate classes and developed a more structured framework as a better solution for businesses and employees alike. 

 "Silvie and I have worked together to create a Wellness Program for my company. She has been enthusiastic, knowledgeable and resourceful in suggesting ways to motivate my employees and get them healthy. Silvie provided other trainers for us who have conducted boot camps and circuit training which was very well received by my employees. In addition to coordinating our wellness program she has been teaching Yoga here for three years and she is loved by her class for her ability to connect individually with each student, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses and tailoring the class to their needs. I highly recommend Silvie" Juli Devincenzi, HR Director at Schools of Sacred Heart


What if you can’t find space for classes?  

Employers want to provide optimal working environment for their employees and sometimes it may be difficult to find a space for classes. When we think of onsite classes we often picture a “yoga” space in a health club or a private studio space we have frequented.  The truth is that onsite classes, whether yoga or some sort of boot camp can be performed even in spaces that don’t seem appropriate at first. This picture is of an onsite yoga class taught at a large, law firm in San Francisco.  This class has been taught in several locations over the past few years: entry reception space, unassigned office that had no furniture and finally in a wide hallway in front of a bank of elevators.  These elevators are not on the main floor so that traffic in and out is minimal at the 5:30 PM class time.  We can think out of the box when it comes to utilizing a workspace.



Silvie's approach to class programs improved attendance from 26% to 86%. 

We use a framework that has a proven approach to motivate employees to attend classes. Email at 

 Promotional Fitness Class for Crunch Fitness 

Promotional Fitness Class for Crunch Fitness 


What if you don't have yoga props? Buy them here at no extra charge.