I have been taking yoga classes for years, and finally decided to take the extra step and book a private lesson to ensure the correctness of my poses. I took a class with Silvie, and she really filled in the gaps for me, and made sure I knew everything from all the yoga terminology to all the main poses. She is very patient, dedicated, and a good listener, which all make her an amazing instructor. I left the class doing a headstand for a few seconds, which was a lot of progress for me. She is very focused on technique, and overall reinforces the calm that yoga is intended to bring back to us through the practice, as she herself emanates calm and composure. - Leila

“Silvie has a genuine ability to connect with, and listen to others. With just a few simple but powerful questions she will dig deep to get to know you. Her feedback provided me with exactly the right motivation that I needed to pursue a major life change. Thank you for the invaluable guidance Silvie!” -Jennifer Viner

"I have been to Silvie’s Class a few times and always leave feeling great. Her classes are steady paced, giving you ample time to get deep into each pose. Her flow is both creative and intuitive, I do something new every time I attend her class. I also love that she incorporates core work into each routine. I always feel strong and toned afterward." Elizabeth Jenkins


Silvie - just want to say thanks for a great class last evening. I haven't done yoga in a long time and while I was creaking during the class - I mentally felt like I had come home and felt the much needed feeling of letting go. Namaste. - Shirley Thomas


Thank you so much for all the information. I know that your programs help me feel better. It's incredible that my first yoga teacher is on the oposite side of the world and can help me as well.  - Marc Jansa Maeso, Skimble online community member


Silvie Hibdon is a phenomenal yoga instructor. I am a member at Crunch Gym and happened to walk into her class a year ago. Now, I am addicted and attend her classes. Silvie teaches moderate-to-advanced Vinyasa flow classes, which are mentally and physically challenging. After attending her classes, I have improved in all of my various workout sessions. Silvie really understands human form and anticipates how people will naturally form poses. She instructs the class of specific body adjustments, i.e. how to position your body and where you can expect to feel the burn in poses. At the same time, she reminds us that everyone is different and each individual should do what feels best for her/him. Silvie also makes recommendations to modify poses to make them easier or harder, depending on each individual’s level. She also makes us mindful of our breathing and since each person is different, each person should flow with her/ his own breathing. So although it is a group class setting, I feel like I get a lot of individual/personal attention. She is engaged with the class and constantly walks around the room to help us. Her voice is clear and carries above the music. The transitions in between poses and sets of poses are seamless. We also cannot really anticipate her order of sets of poses. She mixes up the sets every class, based on what the class tells her what areas of the body they want to strengthen and/or stretch out. Silvie looks the part of a yoga instructor, very fit and tone. She is calm, confident, and very friendly. Her music playlists are also awesome and she also changes this up for every class. The rhythm is a medium tempo, which works so well with the Vinyasa flow style of yoga.
Kathy Sindac

"An old nagging ankle injury was leading to stiffness and pain in my workout routine and I was considering giving up running for good.   My wife had been pushing me to try yoga for some time suggesting it may help, so I agreed to try something new and was ultimately connected with Silvie for private classes through the Olympic Club.  As someone who had never done yoga, Silvie put me at ease from our very first class.  Over time as I gained more comfort and confidence she adapted the classes to provide new challenges and always a new experience.  The benefits have been fantastic as I am back to running regularly with none of the issues I had been previously experiencing.  I would recommend Silvie’s classes to anyone from a first timer like me to someone who is more advanced." - Jon Schroeder

“Me and my wife learnt yoga from several teachers before, and finally are lucky to have Silvie helping us. She is simply the best, looking after both your mind and body in every aspect. Personally I have recurrent back pain twice a year before, since practicing yoga with Silvie six years ago it never visits me once.” - Antonio Kwok

"It was such an eye opening experience and really helped me figure out where I was weakest, where I'm not stretching enough and how to help my shoulders. My shoulders haven't felt so good, in fact the nerve problems were lessened. Afterward, I could turn my head to the left without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Please come back! As many times as possible." - Meegan Lai, attended Signature Yoga Workshop for Climbers

I really enjoy Silvie’s classes and she is one of the best instructors I’ve taken so far! She teaches her classes w/ a sense of style, good flow and it’s never the same routine. Silvie makes her classes both fun (w/ her sense of humor) and challenging. She explains the moves thoroughly, makes corrections to your posses (so that they are pristine), teaches breathing techniques and assists in building your core strength. Leaving her class, I feel more
relaxed and energized!! And knowing that I left w/ an awesome workout!…I highly recommend Silvie’s classes to all of my friends! For those who aren’t so keen to “A typical yoga class” …this is one you won’t want to pass up!!  - Martha Wong

Silvie is a great teacher, completely reliable, passionate, dedicated, responsible, proactive, really easy to work with, very well liked.
Pam Edwards, Group X manager at Gold's Gym

Thank you so much Silvie for all your time and patience with us.  I wanted to thank you as this was the first time I've ever done a yoga class and you made it great.  I need to work on more core and you were a great inspiration. - David Lee

You were the instructor that launched me excitedly into the world of yoga and my own journey of self-discovery and expansion. i got very much into developing my own practices, which expanded to vipassana meditation and a deeper exploration through the masters program i’m undertaking in somatic psychology at CIIS. You being there has played a small but pivotal role in the direction my life has taken. - Willi F.

Sylvie teaches the Sunday morning yoga class. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning. Her class is always really fantastic and offers a great refreshing workout. What better review can I give than to say that her class actually gets me in the gym at 11AM on a Sunday? Her classes are pretty popular though, so plan on getting there really early to find floor space! - Steve C. 

Hi Silvie, your classes were what inspired me to go and get my certification. I cannot tell you what a wonderful decision it has been. It has allowed me to go from a full time desk job that I only sort of enjoyed to doing something that I truly love. - Chelsea Liebelt

hi silvie! i just wanted to let you know that i absolutely loved your class & wanted to thank you for being such a great & inspiring instructor- i really believe that my pregnancy was so "easy" b/c of your yoga classes! - Susan Kagan 

I’ve been attending Silvie’s classes for about two years now - mostly at Gold’s Castro. And I hope to get to attend them for at least another two. One aspect of her classes that I especially appreciate is that she asks for requests at the beginning of each class. I typically ask for neck or core. She always incorporates peoples’ requests so it really helps on days that I’m stiff. She also has a great sense of humor. She is witty and sometimes, out of left field, I find myself laughing and smiling. That’s always an added bonus.
No two classes are the same. She teaches all level classes. So on days I want to feel challenged, I’m challenged. On days that I want to take it easier, I take it easy. I feel she goes out of her way to make all levels welcome. - Lee Newman

I first took a class from Silvie when she was teaching at the Pacific Athletic Club in Redwood City. Her classes were both challenging and instructive. I liked learning from Silvie so much that, after a year, I hired her to give my wife and I private yoga instruction. Silvie is very knowledgeable about how to move various parts of the body to enhance flexibility and openness. She is excellent on the details of precisely how and where to place one’s feet, arms, hands, etc. Through her classes, I found I have significantly improved my balance, flexibility and core strength. I heartily recommend Silvie as a yoga teacher.
- Bill Friedman

Silvie Hibdon has helped my physical well-being through yoga.  When she first started working with me, she asked about my goals.  I told her I wanted to improve my balance and increase my strength.  The exercises that we do are, indeed, directed toward those aims.  She is also sensitive to my limitations and is careful to increase exercise difficulty gradually, while noting my body's inabilities and working to improve my capabilities.  My time with her is well spent.  - Joyce Friedman

I also had a great personal yoga session with Silvie. She was very attentive and gave me constructive feedback about my alignment and form. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2001 and there is also more to learn and private lessons offer a great way to go deeper. Silvie is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher who led me to some new insights about my practice and form. This will continue to support my growth as a practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend to beginners and advanced practitioners. - Claire Williams

Silvie has been a great asset to Crunch. She is an amazing instructor and has quite a following. She is always super professional when it comes to handling herself and members at Crunch. Always on time and rarely subs her classes out. I very much value her as an employee and personally love her class. She teaches a beautiful class that is challenging and yet not intimidating and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful instructor. - Michelle Opperman, a Group X manager at Crunch Fitness