I had dinner with a fellow yoga colleague who quit his full-time job and has been teaching yoga full-time before he finds a new 9-5 job. He shared with me that he has been exhausted and I completely sympathized with him. Teaching yoga can be as rewarding as exhausting. The nature of the field makes is deceiving that teaching is relaxing and fun, which is true, but there is more to this job. Students often fall in love with yoga and decide to become yoga teachers just to find out that they are so exhausted teaching. When they finally squeeze in time to practice, they want to do restorative yoga. Their passion may override the realistic view of the job. I was guilty of the same mistakes. Do not get me wrong. 

There  are a few things to consider
1. You are dealing with people, the group dynamics and individual energies. Do you know how to handle them? Can you preserve your energy when you serve others? 
2. You are on your feet all day and transferring yourself from one place to another. Do you give yourself enough time to commute? 
3. You work early in the morning and late in the evening. You work when your friends and family do not. Are you ready for this work shift? 
4. The actual class is only a peak of your work. Did you consider the time before and after the class, your commute and preparation time? 

You are not hiding behind a computer when at work. You are in front of people who come to you to recharge and refresh and amuse them at least. Give your schedule a thought. "Just as a sagging sail tells a sailor to tack and realign with the energy of the wind, a drop in our mental or physical energy within an action is a sign we need to realign our course." Shiva Rea.