Simplicity is the key. There are 4 steps to the process:

You say a cue and inhale. 
Your students hear it.
Your students mentally process it.
Your students perform it.
It may feel to you like eternity, but give some time for these 4 steps to happen. Say a cue and take a deep inhalation. No rush.

"Handstand is a really fun pose, you guys. It's really stimulating. I don't even need to drink coffee after doing handstands."  Your students may have a completely different, if not the opposite, experience. You are not in their bodies. You do not know how the pose feels to them physically and emotionally. Watch them and respond to their needs. 

Ask your students how was their week and listen to their stories. Unless there is a particular reason that is tied to your lesson, your students do not care that you spent the whole weekend at Harmony Festival. 

Music is powerful. Are you intentional with your music? Does it compliment your message? Playing the latest hits or the best emerging trends may be cool, but is it fulfilling the purpose of the class?