You deserve individual attention that only a private session can offer!

Treat yourself to an experience of yoga that will connect you to your authentic self. I will modify your session to address your specific physical and health concerns. Your individual session will connect you to your core, improve your stamina, and educate your about proper alignment so you can stay injury-free. 

What you can expect from a private session?

Expect to be challenged! Unlike a regular class you will have more time to stay with postures to go deeper, a process that can bring both pleasure or discomfort and offers you greater benefits. Expect to unravel neck tension, help stretch and bring awareness to your hands and feet, unlock stiff shoulders, and decompress your low back.

A private session is great for everyone but especially for those who: suffer from chronic injuries or health conditions and high-impact athletes prone to repetitive-stress injuries. The sequencing and emphasis on both strength and therapeutic release serve the above types very well. Overall private yoga is a great complement for any physical activity and can suit any body who is looking to reduce stress, have more energy, and have a greater sense of freedom in their bodies and lives.


I first took a class from Silvie when she was teaching at the Pacific Athletic Club in Redwood City. Her classes were both challenging and instructive. I liked learning from Silvie so much that, after a year, I hired her to give my wife and I private yoga instruction. Silvie is very knowledgeable about how to move various parts of the body to enhance flexibility and openness. She is excellent on the details of precisely how and where to place one’s feet, arms, hands, etc. Through her classes, I found I have significantly improved my balance, flexibility and core strength. I heartily recommend Silvie as a yoga teacher. Bill Friedman

Silvie Hibdon has helped my physical well-being through yoga.  When she first started working with me, she asked about my goals.  I told her I wanted to improve my balance and increase my strength.  The exercises that we do are, indeed, directed toward those aims.  She is also sensitive to my limitations and is careful to increase exercise difficulty gradually, while noting my body's inabilities and working to improve my capabilities.  My time with her is well spent.  Joyce Friedman

I also had a great personal yoga session with Silvie. She was very attentive and gave me constructive feedback about my alignment and form. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2001 and there is also more to learn and private lessons offer a great way to go deeper. Silvie is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher who led me to some new insights about my practice and form. This will continue to support my growth as a practitioner and teacher. I highly recommend to beginners and advanced practitioners. Claire Williams


I am available for private and group sessions in San Francisco. Please email